FreeTSA - Guide: How to sign documents files with time stamp > PDF samples digitally signed by FreeTSA service.

In order to see this PDF's Digitally Signed you need to perform some actions.

1) Download the Root Certificates.

The PDF files have been Digitally sign with this Root Certificate: ONLY FOR THIS SAMPLES!

Please remove this Root Certificate below, after checking that the PDF documents work fine!

Root Certificate file (for this demonstration only) (save as...)

Name: FreeTSA 
Issued by: FreeTSA
Serial number: 00 C5 BE C3 E5 0E 61 5D 99 F7 31 E5 67 72 AC 05 87
Valid from: 2015/01/01 11:25:33 +01'00'
Valid until: 2065/01/01 11:25:33 +01'00'
SHA1 compilation: 8B FE BC EF 5F 06 64 59 A8 EA 85 34 34 78 2D F6 44 07 89 80
Key type: RSA (4096 bits) SHA512

Then save this Freetsa CA Certificate to your computer too (cacert.pem file).

This certificate is the real root certificate used on this FreeTSA time stamping service.

Please keep this one installed!

Name: <(email hide on this web page to avoid spam)>
Serial number: C1 E9 86 16 0D A8 E9 80 
Valid from: 2016/03/13 00:52:13 +01'00'
Valid until: 2041/03/07 00:52:13 +01'00'
SHA1 compilation: 0B 93 07 6C 81 39 FA 2B 83 38 5F 78 28 D7 BE 75 73 40 D2 41
Key type: RSA (4096 bits) SHA512

2) Install the Root certificates

After downloading this certificate you perform the following actions in the Adobe Reader:

- Edit
- Preferences...
- Signatures
- Trusted certificates and identity
- More...
- Trusted certificates
- Import
- "Search" for: freetsa-test-root-public-key.cer
- Select the certificate
- Bellow in the "certificates" select "FreeTSA"
- Click on "Trust"
- Mark "Use this certificate as a trusted root" and "Certified documents"
- Click on "OK"
- Click again on the certificate in "Certificates" and in "Import"
- Repeat the same procedure for the file "cacert.pem"
- And then exit
- Close the PDF reader.

Now you should be ready to verify that it works fine!

3) Download to your computer the PDF files and test it everything opens correctly
If it doesn't open in the Adobe Reader program, please use the option "Save as..." (or similar) and open in Adobe Reader.

- Normal PDF document. Not digitally signed.
- Normal Digitally signed PDF.
- Digitally signed PDF with visual confirmation on the page it self!

Is everything working fine? The Signatures are properly displayed?

4) If everything is properly displayed now is time to remove the Demonstration only root, above mention in red.

In the Adobe Reader:

- Edit
- Preferences...
- Signatures
- Trusted certificates and identity
- More...
- Trusted certificates

Search for "FreeTSA <>" (expires on: 2065.01.01 10:25:33 Z) on the list. When you find it, click on "Remove" above.

- Confirm that you want to remove this certificate with an click on "OK"
- Now you can exit every window of the Adobe Reader program.

And that's it! All done!

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Last update: Januar 29, 2017